• Items of work must have appeared in the calendar year 2021.

  • We advise drafting your entry in Word before copying and pasting it into the entry form.

  • You can save your entry in the system to complete later using the 'Save' option at the bottom of the entry form.


    • For each entry, you will be asked to submit a 250-word supporting statement, as well as up to three examples of work. Please note, if you are entering one of the ‘Story of the Year’ categories, only one story is required.

    • You will be asked to upload a relevant high-resolution image with your entry. This will be used on Awards collateral should your entry be shortlisted:
      • If you are entering an individual or Story of the Year award, please provide a headshot (high resolution jpeg, as close to 1920 x 1080 pixels as possible)
      • If you are entering Blogger of the Year or a Title of the Year category, please provide a screenshot of your blog/website or a PDF of one front cover

    • If you are entering a 'Title of the Year' category and would like to supply physical copies, please send 5 x copies of each example to the address below by Friday 4 February 2022 at the latest, to ensure they can be passed on to our judges. PDF and web examples can be added to your entry form.

      FAO Charlotte Covey-Crump, Headlinemoney Awards
      emap, 10th Floor, Southern House
      Wellesley Grove
      Croydon, CR0 1XG

    • In addition to reviewing your examples of work, judges will be looking for evidence that you were the best in your area in 2021. Make your case in your supporting statement (max. 250 words) to explain why your submission deserves to win. Judges refer extensively to supporting statements during their deliberations.


      • You will be asked to submit both a supporting statement of up to 300 words and a 50-word summary of your entry. The summary will be used on the Awards website during the journalist vote, should your entry be shortlisted.

      • Please include a relevant image with your entry. This will be used on Awards collateral should your entry be shortlisted:

        • If you are entering the PR Professional, Rising Star, or Expert categories, please provide a headshot.
        • If you are entering the Press Team or PR Agency category, please include a relevant team photo or corporate image.
        • If you are entering the Thought Leadership category, please provide a relevant illustration of the campaign being submitted.

      • Images should be supplied as either high-resolution jpegs (as close to 1920x1080 pixels as possible), EPS illustrator files (logos) or PDFs (campaign illustrations).

      • There are no hard-and-fast rules about what makes a great entry in each of these categories. But bear in mind that it’s the financial press that has the final say in the decision-making. Ultimately, the aim is to impress on the judges your communications expertise when it comes to working with the financial press.

      • Evidence of dedication, professionalism, reputation for efficiency, quality of story/campaign, ability to deploy experts at short notice, and an understanding of a journalist’s particular audience, are some of the factors that will doubtless contribute to the final decisions. This is your chance to tell journalists about your media relations strengths and achievements over the past year!